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  1. The centre has struggled with cash/cheque payments over the years due to the admin requirement. We are finally moving to a cashless system – We will only be able to take Card Payments or Bank Transfer. This change will occur from 01-Sep-2021.The feedback from the questionnaire was very positive. The majority of people were either already paying cashless, and the majority of those who were currently paying cash were willing to make the switch to cashless. We thank you for your support.
  2. We require 72 hours notice for all booking cancellations via email ( – Customers who don’t give sufficient notice will still be required to pay for their slot. This is to ensure the sports centre can rebook this slot in time.
  3. Customers must arrive 5-10 minutes before their booking and pay before their booking commences. It is your duty to ensure your payment is taken before you start playing.
  4. Please note that you have access to the facilities for the time slot stated on your booking confirmation. To ensure continuity, you must stop playing once your booking ends. Previously, some customers have played for an additional 10 minutes which disrupts the timetable. If you arrive late to your booking, we cannot offer you extra time after your slot has ended
  5. As previously communicated to all customers over the past year, the sports centre is currently doing a pricing review and is expecting to raise its prices towards the end of the year. Our prices have remained fixed for the past 10 years despite increased costs. We will inform you of the new prices once they are available.
  6. Any unused bookings slots or overpayments must be raised via email within 1 month of the booking date. We regret to inform you that the Charity is not liable beyond this point and cannot offer any reimbursements