Shuhari Self Defence

Shuhari Self Defence is a martial arts club that offers pragmatic karate classes for kids and adults.

Karate Jutsu

We are a mixed system and we practice:
Punches, kicks, elbows & knees.
Pad work
Vertical grappling, trapping
Board breaking
Self defence scenario drills

Kids classes:
These classes are great for children, and also their parents who train with them. Classes improve self-esteem, concentration, discipline, control, perseverance, mental and physical toughness, stamina, speed, strength, balance, co-ordination, timing, aiming, breathing, footwork.
The instructors are very good at motivating children and rewarding them with achievement certificates for good behaviour, fast learning and improved skill.

Adult Classes:
Adult tuition covers the simplest and most effective techniques that you can remember and apply under pressure, so you can successfully defend yourself, your family and friends.
Training is based on mixed martial arts and modern self-defence systems. Minimum age is 16 and the training is for both male and female students.

We cover:
Female self-defence
Self-defence at home against intruders
Self-defence in vehicles
Domestic violence
Conflict management for police officers, doormen, security & prison officers
Defence against knife-crime
How not to get mugged
Real-life scenario-based training
Multiple opponents
Improvised weapons
The law on self-defence
Fear, adrenaline and how they affect us
How to generate impact
How not to get hit
Confined spaces
Vertical grappling & anti-take-down
Awareness, Fence, Distancing




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